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Reflection: Spiritual Protocol Part II-Spiritual Backlash/Retaliation

Posted on November 13, 2016 at 10:25 PM

Reflection: Spiritual Protocol Part II-Spiritual Backlash/Retaliation

The spiritual realms play by a different set of rules, order and conduct. You will do yourself, family and pillars of your life well to know and understand these truths.


Some have ministered to someone who was sick or in bondage and was barely out the door when everything began going wrong in their life. Many have came down with the same physical symptoms, some experienced strife in their homes, theft, others destruction, cars breaking down, accidents, sickness, appliances breaking, children getting hurt and numerous, endless other scenarios.

Important Key Points to Remember:

1. Do not Force your ministry on those who do not desire your ministry. You are Trespassing & Out of Order should you continue to do so. This includes your family, those you love and deeply care for.  We cannot impose our will or desires on others even if it is right and Godly. To do this is operating in a form of witchcraft.  Remember, our example is how the Father interacts with us.

2. Pray, minister etc. as you are lead by the Holy Spirit only. We must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading, direction and prompting. The Holy Spirit knows what we do not know. The individual Must Desire and Be Ready to be delivered and set free, otherwise, you are Trespassing & Out of Order. You cannot help or minister to someone who has no desire to change. They are comfortable and content in their current condition, naturally or spiritually. That is their right if they so desire.

3. After ministry to someone or a group, you must submit yourself Completely to God, break all spiritual links with this person or people and renounce any contamination or curse (s) that might have been received from the person or people. In addition, make sure you yourself are personally in the right standing with God and posturing in the spirit. Confess, Repent and Renounce sin, unholy connections, activity etc. if applicable. By doing this you are clearing your spirit and stopping the enemy from gaining a hold in your life.

If you keep these scriptural procedures and processes in mind before and after ministry, you will not experience backlashes in the spirit.


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